shake it like a polaroid picture

Version 3Version 3Version 2Version 3 I recently teamed up with Glossier, a brand that sells both skincare and makeup products, to incorporate #glossierpink into my look. My mind immediately went to my Fujifilm Instax camera which I have been carrying around everywhere with me lately, trying to get lots of cute pics of my friends and I before we all go off to college. The outfit above is pretty representative of what I wear on a typical summer day when I’m out hanging out with friends.

Today, I’m wearing this fun printed dress from Forever 21 which is absolutely perfect for summer. Also on my left wrist I’m wearing a lobster claw bracelet from the Maine Bracelet Company, a jigsaw bracelet which I got from my college orientation, a pink bracelet from a twenty one pilots concert, and a red bracelet with pawprints also from my college orientation. And of course I’m “wearing” my beautiful Fujifilm Instax camera. I love the pale pink of this case. It’s absolutely gorgeous and goes with everything I own, which means it always looks good, no matter what I wear. I also opted for a no makeup and all natural hair because it’s summer and I want my skin to breathe.

I hope you liked reading about my outfit and you should check out Glossier because they have some pretty cool products!


Summer 2016 Bucket List


I’m so so excited that summer is here and after pinning about a jillion summer bucket list things on Pinterest, I wanted to create a list of all the things I want to do this summer! Thank you to my inspirations from here, here, here, herehere, and especially here (this is a great one). Also, although I didn’t use it for inspiration, I really like this summer bucket list. Remember to check back here this summer for additions, completions (the ones that are crossed off), and links to blogposts! I plan on blogging a lot this summer! 🙂

  1. Create a summer memory box
  2. Go camping
  3. Have a board game night
  4. Play manhunt
  5. Go galactic bowling
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Stargaze
  8. Have a beach day
  9. Play lasertag
  10. Go to a drive in movie
  11. Have a water balloon fight
  12. Host a dinner party
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Go mini golfing
  15. Watch the sunrise
  16. Go geocaching
  17. Bake!
  18. Make s’mores
  19. Go berry picking
  20. Have a scavenger hunt
  21. Make freshly squeezed lemonade
  22. Go on a hike (or a few)
  23. Host a cookout
  24. Read lots of books!!!
  25. Watch the sunset
  26. Watch the 2016 Olympics
  27. Take a roadtrip
  28. Perform a random act of kindness
  29. Visit a food truck
  30. Make frozen popsicles
  31. Visit Boston
  32. Get a massage
  33. Visit a state landmark
  34. Eat something off this list
  35. Throw paint-filled eggs at a canvas
  36. Say yes to everything in one day
  37. Go to Magnum’s ice cream bar in New York
  38. Do a paint slip’n slide
  39. Go to First Friday in Portland
  40. Journal!
  41. Make a dress out of an old pair of overalls

Let me know in the comments below what’s on your bucket list this summer!

I Tried to Write a “I Did This and Here’s What Happened” Style Post and Here’s What Happened

First off, sorry for the absolute longest title in the world, but I think it most accurately describes the post you’re about to read and the irony that goes with it.

I’ve never been the kind of person to make my bed everyday. It was just another step to go through in the morning and I never felt like I had the time to do something that was just going to get undone 14+ hours later. So I thought I would try to make one of those “I Did This and Here’s What Happened” posts to document my “changed” life and I actually wrote part of a post and took a couple of pictures:


Day 1: Not going to lie, I almost didn’t do it the first day. I was running super late for school and I didn’t want to take the time to do something that would just make me more late. However, in the end, my desire to create something interesting for this blog won over my desire to be at school on time and I made my bed. It took me a minute, tops, which was really surprising to me! When I make my bed after I wash my sheets, it takes me so long (about 5 minutes) and I expected it to take about the same amount of time in the morning. However, I was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, the sheets underneath the bedspread were not tucked in all that nicely, but the appearance of the bed looked nice and that’s all that matters right?? (Also, I left my throw pillows on the floor of my room so I wouldn’t say my bed making skills were 100% on this day.) Also, there’s something about a made bed that makes me want to keep my room a lot cleaner…

IMG_5407Day 2

And that’s as far as I got… I didn’t make my bed on day 3 and then I just gave up for the rest of the week.

Lesson learned: In order to make something a habit you have to force yourself to do it for a while until it just becomes a natural part of your routine.

Maybe I’ll give another go at the whole bed making thing another time, but for now I’ll stick with the messy rooms and messy beds.

I know it’s only Wednesday but…


Version 2My family members were commenting yesterday how they “couldn’t wait for this week to be over” and I’m not going to lie, there are some weeks where I feel the same way. I got to thinking though, if we have such a limited time on this earth, why would we try to wish the weeks away? Shouldn’t we savor every moment? Just some food for thought.

Congrats on making it through this rambly post. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

My Top 2 Meditation Apps

Version 2

If you remember back to the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to make mini goals each month throughout the year. My goal for January was to meditate everyday and so far I’ve only missed 4 days! I usually meditate right before bed as the meditation helps me fall asleep. Meditating during moments of stress can also be really great and I do it when I’m feeling really anxious and overwhelmed. Today I thought I’d share two of my favorite meditation apps with all of you.

Calm – I’m sure you’ve heard about this app, since just about every YouTuber talks about it, which is the reason I downloaded it. It was actually the first meditation app I tried. I love that you can listen to different white noise sounds as you meditate and the guided meditations have a wide variety of time lengths. The only issue I have with the free version of the app is that there is not a lot of variety when it comes to what type of guided meditation you want. Only the “Calm” and “Body Scan” guided meditations are available in the free version. However, I do like the clean and easy to use interface as well as the ability to add manual meditation sessions, something the other app is lacking.

Breathe – I downloaded this when I started to get sick of the lack of variety from the Calm app. The first thing I love about this app is that you don’t have to sign up for any sort of account (unless you want to) which is pretty great because that’s just one less account that you have to deal with. Breathe also has you check in with them before you meditate by selecting how you’re feeling emotionally and physically. You can skip this step of course, but the app is able to select the guided meditation sessions that it thinks would work best to relax you in your current state of mind and body. It also has a wider variety of guided meditations (although still not very extensive, especially in the free version) which is great so you’re not meditating to the same thing everyday.

If you don’t meditate already, you really should start! It’s such a great way to relax and gives you a greater awareness of the world around you. I come up with some of my best ideas while mediating! It’s definitely worth shot if you haven’t tried it before!

Do you meditate?

Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and my sexy lingerie loving friends at Adore Me, inspired me to think about a Valentine’s Day look. Whether you have a date or are just going out with friends I have cute, yet sophisticated look for you!

Version 2For makeup I went for the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation as my base and covered up any spots with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. For eyes I went for my Loc One & Done Shadow Stick in the shade “On Point,” put that all over my eyelid, then took a bit of glittery brown eyeshadow that I have (no idea the name of the palette or the shade soz), and blended that into my crease (look at me talking like I actually know something about makeup). Then I lined my eyes with my Stila liquid eyeliner and Wet n Wild pencil. I finished my eyes off by curling them and then going in with the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. For blush I went for the Balm Desert Bronzer/Blusher and applied some of my Pearl Invasion highlighter on my cheekbones. I finished off the look with some of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a swipe of nude lipstick.

Version 2IMG_8243I love this dress from Forever 21 because it’s so flowy and sophisticated. There’s a cheeky little cutout in back which I think adds just a little bit of something extra. Plus, the colors just scream winter to me, making it perfect for this time of year. I paired it with my Mootsie Tootsie white wedges (which are so cute, but tbh seen better days) and these cute little earrings that my friend gave me for my birthday last year.

67_matilda_3616_web_matilda-best-black-comfy-sleepwear-sleep-shirt-pajama-set-best-holiday-gifts-for-womenFor those who plan on just staying in and snuggling up to watch some Netflix or Valentine’s Day, get yourself some cute PJs. Adore Me, along with having really pretty underwear, has some really nice pajamas. Plus, if you order from them by Wednesday, February 10th, it will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!

I hope that this post inspired you and that you have great Valentine’s Day, no matter what you’re doing! Let me know what your plans are in the comments below!

Golden Globes Best Dressed 2016

Of course, this is only one girl’s opinion.

I write this to you at 11:45 at night after spending an hour and fifteen minutes trying to sleep. That will teach me not to drink tea after 4pm. Sitting in front of computer is probably not going to help me sleep any better, but please enjoy my late night ramblings.

lady-gagaOh my gosh Lady Gaga. What a classic. This all black number with the sweetheart neckline, it’s so simple, but it takes my breath away.

jennifer-lawrenceJ. Law looking flawless as always. jenna-dewan-tatumJenna Dewan Tatum. Wow. I’m a sucker for royal blue, sparkly dresses that look like ball gowns.

lily-jamesLily James looks like a freaking Greek goddess in that dress. I love how it’s so wispy and has that asymmetrical part to it.

uzo-adubaGotta love those sparkles and sleeves. So classic. You go Uzo Aduba.

gina-rodriguezGina Rodriguez, you are my idol. I love this blue, off the shoulder dress. It’s such a pretty color and I love the full skirt.

What was your favorite Golden Globes look?

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