Things I Learned From College Tours and Other Things I Never Posted

Things I Never Posted

Hey guys! So I thought I’d do a little throwback post today (#tbt) as I was digging through my drafts box today and I found a bunch of posts that were never finished and since I don’t like to waste anything I thought I’d put them in a little post for you! All the titles in bold are what the titles of the posts would have been, had I ever posted them. All the words in (italics and parentheses) are the comments I made after I copy and pasted the posts from their drafts. It’s something a little different, but let me know if you like it!

Things I Learned From College Tours

  1. Keds do not make good walking shoes
  2. Neither do flip flops
  3. Tortilla chips do not make a good lunch
  4. Drinking coffee right before a tour is a really bad idea (I really don’t want to talk about it)

April Favorites

  1. Spotify’s Pop Ballads Playlist (this playlist was my JAM for the longest time (side note: I still love it))
  2. Simple Micellar Water (the best discovery ever for all us Americans who don’t have micellar water before in the US, UNTIL NOW)
  3. We the Wild (honestly don’t even remember what their music sounds like, but I’ll give it a go again and let you guys know)
  4. James Arthur (LOVE THIS GUYS MUSIC! Thank you to the friend who told me to go listen to him. You know who you are.)

Things I’ve Been Loving | Podcasts

So I haven’t tried out a whole lot of new beauty products this month and unfortunately I haven’t found anything new and amazing that I think you NEED to try. However, I do have a little non-beauty related favorite that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now. (Oh gosh I think I’m building this up way more than I need to.)

Anyways, this month I’ve been loving PODCASTS! More specifically, Tyler Oakley’s Psychobabble and (I never finished this post apparently, but I was going to say that I had also been enjoying Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. I no longer have time to listen to podcasts that often, so I’m very behind on all the ones I used to listen to, but I remember liking them a lot! I still listen to the This American Life podcast occasionally. Ira Glass is so good and the stories I hear on that podcast are unreal. Definitely worth a listen.)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as it was something a little different and let me know in the comments what posts you’ve never published (for whatever reason). LOTS OF LOVE, Gwen ❤


Summer Bucket List

Version 3

Although we’re about halfway through the summer, I thought I’d post a little summer bucket list as there are still so many things I want to do! I’ve actually completed one of the items on this list already, but I wrote this bucket list a while ago, so I thought I’d include it anyway. I also thought it would be fun to come back at the end of the summer and look back at everything I did and to see if I completed everything I wanted to do! So without further ado, here’s my summer bucket list:

  1. Go camping in my treehouse
  2. Go to a drive in movie theater
  3. Journal
  4. Make a dress out of an old pair of overalls
  5. Put all of the scraps of paper and things I keep into journals/scrapbooks (guys I have 3 boxes full of scraps of paper, it’s really bad)
  6. BAKE
  7. COOK
  8. Start a YouTube channel
  9. Take lots of photographs
  10. Learn how to code
  11. Create a dress modeled on one I already own

What’s on your summer bucket list?

A Little Reminder

Version 3

Hello wonderful people! Today doesn’t seem very summery as it so rainy, windy, and cold. But I love days like this because we get the fire going and inside is so cozy. That’s not what this post is about though. Today I just wanted to share a little wisdom that you’ve probably already heard a thousand times, but, hey, it never hurts to reiterate it!

Guys, if you’re at good point in your life, and you’re enjoying it, don’t waste that happy time by planning out things that come next. I’m not saying don’t plan at all because planning is definitely a helpful thing, but don’t let planning take away from what is currently happening in your life. You’ll end up being disappointed about missing some wonderful things. Live your life and enjoy the moment. That is all.

Thank you for listening (took me awhile to spell that word) to my endless ramblings. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you have any words of wisdom to share. LOVE YOU ALL.

Favorite Blogs

Hey everyone! It’s Monday again. Yay… I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things with school and everything, so this is just going to be a quick little post so I can give some love to some people. If I seem a little rambly, forgive me. I’m feeling sick and a little cloudy.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you some of the people that I read religiously. I have a separate tab for them on Bloglovin’ and I read them before I read anyone else’s blog. So here we go:

Cliona Hill – She was one of the first people I followed. I just like the variety of stuff she posts and I feel like she and I have similar taste. Plus she shares my obsession with skincare so good things all around.

Willow Tea – Rachel was also one of the first people I followed. I think she writes so beautifully and no matter what she posts, I enjoy reading it.

Zoe Bold – I found Zoe relatively recently, but she is easily one of my favorite blogs to read. She’s just one of those people who I want to be like: “Can we be best friends please? Okay thanks. Bye.”

Well that was a very short post and very undescriptive (shame on the blogger), but I hoped you enjoyed and perhaps found a new blog to read. Let me know if you stopped by one of their blogs and if you love their blogs as much as I do!

Kisses, Gwen

What Whipped Cream Taught Me

So on Tuesday, I was making my younger sister pancakes for her first day of school (my first day was on Wednesday) and I found some heavy cream in the fridge.

“Great!” I thought. “I can make whipped cream for the pancakes!”

So I followed the directions on a recipe I found online. Unfortunately, I was told we didn’t currently have access to an electric whisk (a lot of our stuff is still in boxes since we just moved).

“Whatever.” I thought. “Everything is already in the bowl. I might as well try to make this whipped cream by hand.”

So I whipped and whipped and whipped, but to no avail. All I got was some frothy heavy cream.

“Why isn’t this whipping?” I cried.

My grandmother walked over to me. “Do you have an electric beater?”


“Well, I know that they show that you can do it on cooking shows, but I don’t think you’ll be able to.”

She stated it as a fact, but I took it as a challenge. I whipped the heavy cream even harder. I kept whipping until my arm hurt and then I kept whipping even more! Finally, the heavy cream started to transform itself, and soon enough, I had whipped cream!

I know it’s kind of a silly little story, but it has a good lesson. Don’t ever give up. If you want something enough, you’ll make it happen.

Kisses, Gwen

We’re Back!

Hey guys! I’ve been totally slacking these last couple of weeks. I’m back though! Unfortunately, so is the school year. Most of you in the United States will be starting school today (or tomorrow, if your school has a freshman orientation like my school does). I feel like the first day of school is almost like New Years Day; everyone has all these hopes for the school year. “I won’t procrastinate.” “I’ll get all A’s.” Well, I thought I’d share with you some of my hopes for this year.

  1. Write at least 3 blogposts a week. I’m hoping to get back into the rhythm of things again and I’m bursting with ideas. 
  2. Wear a different outfit for everyday of the school year. (Look for Thursday’s blogpost to see more about how I’ll achieve this goal!
  3. Don’t procrastinate schoolwork. I really, really, really want to achieve this goal, but I’m the absolute QUEEN of procrastination. I have some good stories for you guys. 🙂

I’m so happy to be back blogging and so glad I get to see all of your lovely faces again!

Kisses, Gwen

Favorite YouTuber Moment

So I was catching up on some old YouTube videos the other day and while watching Zoella’s May Favourites video, this happened. Sorry if the formatting is really messed up, I tried to do this as best I could. Also, since my blog doesn’t seem to be letting me put things at the bottom of the post I’ll ask you here: What are some of your favorite YouTuber moments? Also, here is where I got these lovely gifs. 🙂