My Top 2 Meditation Apps

Version 2

If you remember back to the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to make mini goals each month throughout the year. My goal for January was to meditate everyday and so far I’ve only missed 4 days! I usually meditate right before bed as the meditation helps me fall asleep. Meditating during moments of stress can also be really great and I do it when I’m feeling really anxious and overwhelmed. Today I thought I’d share two of my favorite meditation apps with all of you.

Calm – I’m sure you’ve heard about this app, since just about every YouTuber talks about it, which is the reason I downloaded it. It was actually the first meditation app I tried. I love that you can listen to different white noise sounds as you meditate and the guided meditations have a wide variety of time lengths. The only issue I have with the free version of the app is that there is not a lot of variety when it comes to what type of guided meditation you want. Only the “Calm” and “Body Scan” guided meditations are available in the free version. However, I do like the clean and easy to use interface as well as the ability to add manual meditation sessions, something the other app is lacking.

Breathe – I downloaded this when I started to get sick of the lack of variety from the Calm app. The first thing I love about this app is that you don’t have to sign up for any sort of account (unless you want to) which is pretty great because that’s just one less account that you have to deal with. Breathe also has you check in with them before you meditate by selecting how you’re feeling emotionally and physically. You can skip this step of course, but the app is able to select the guided meditation sessions that it thinks would work best to relax you in your current state of mind and body. It also has a wider variety of guided meditations (although still not very extensive, especially in the free version) which is great so you’re not meditating to the same thing everyday.

If you don’t meditate already, you really should start! It’s such a great way to relax and gives you a greater awareness of the world around you. I come up with some of my best ideas while mediating! It’s definitely worth shot if you haven’t tried it before!

Do you meditate?