Burnt Review


Source: filmandtvnow.com

Despite the fact that it came out just last year, I had never heard of this movie until my friend suggested we watch it. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical. The trailer only looked somewhat interesting, but my friend wanted to watch it so we did. (I mean, Bradley Cooper is hot, so not much could go wrong.)

The movie ended up having more of a plot than the trailer led me to believe which was a plus. However, the plot was at times confusing and some aspects of the storyline didn’t seem to have much of a purpose. I also couldn’t pin down who the characters were: what was their motivation? In a way that made them more mysterious, but on the other hand it made them harder to relate to and therefore it made it harder to connect to and like the movie.

However, Burnt contains some beautiful film work. The gorgeously plated dishes of food had me drooling and wishing that I could create something that beautiful. I also liked watching a kind of “behind the scenes look” of the restaurant industry, even though it might not be all that accurate. I loved the fast pace, the creativity, and the desire for perfection. I wanted to be a part of it.

I would recommend this to all the food lovers out there. There’s enough of a plot to keep it interesting for those people, but not enough to make it worth your while if you’re not into food.

Have you seen this movie? Let me know your thoughts.


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