shake it like a polaroid picture

Version 3Version 3Version 2Version 3 I recently teamed up with Glossier, a brand that sells both skincare and makeup products, to incorporate #glossierpink into my look. My mind immediately went to my Fujifilm Instax camera which I have been carrying around everywhere with me lately, trying to get lots of cute pics of my friends and I before we all go off to college. The outfit above is pretty representative of what I wear on a typical summer day when I’m out hanging out with friends.

Today, I’m wearing this fun printed dress from Forever 21 which is absolutely perfect for summer. Also on my left wrist I’m wearing a lobster claw bracelet from the Maine Bracelet Company, a jigsaw bracelet which I got from my college orientation, a pink bracelet from a twenty one pilots concert, and a red bracelet with pawprints also from my college orientation. And of course I’m “wearing” my beautiful Fujifilm Instax camera. I love the pale pink of this case. It’s absolutely gorgeous and goes with everything I own, which means it always looks good, no matter what I wear. I also opted for a no makeup and all natural hair because it’s summer and I want my skin to breathe.

I hope you liked reading about my outfit and you should check out Glossier because they have some pretty cool products!


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