Refreshing Summer Drinks: Argo Tea

Version 2As you may have heard me mention in my July Favorites video, I have been loving Argo Tea lately. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love this stuff so much that I thought I’d give you a little review of all the ones that are available at my supermarket. Argo Tea does make other flavors, these are just the ones that are available to me. Also, I just looked it up, and they have actual locations, including one that on the Northeastern campus in Boston. So if I decide I want to go to Northeastern I can have Argo Tea EVERYDAY!

As I mentioned in my July Favorites video, Hibiscus Tea Squeeze is definitely my favorite of these five Argo Teas. The sourness of the hibiscus tea is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the lemonade, making it perfect for my taste buds. The Hibiscus Tea Sangria is my least favorite of these five. It honestly just tastes like plastic. I’m not a fan. The three other ones I like equally because they’re all so different. The Green Tea Ginger Twist was the one that originally got me into trying Argo Tea so this was actually my favorite before I tried the Hibiscus Tea Squeeze. It’s not super ginger tasting––which actually kind of disappoints me––but instead balances the ginger flavor with a nice blend of green tea and lemon. The Mojitea is a take on a mojito and is a refreshingly blend of peppermint tea and lime juice. This one tastes best when it’s ice cold. The Carolina Honey is the sweetest of the five, but it’s not overly sweet and it doesn’t taste fake. The name fits it well as you can definitely taste that honey flavor. This one is probably the friendliest of the five, so if you’re not sure if you’d like any of the other ones, I’d give this one a try.

Please let me know if you try any of these and what you think of them if you do! I just think these are the perfect summer drink!

What’s your favorite summer drink?


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