Things I Learned From College Tours and Other Things I Never Posted

Things I Never Posted

Hey guys! So I thought I’d do a little throwback post today (#tbt) as I was digging through my drafts box today and I found a bunch of posts that were never finished and since I don’t like to waste anything I thought I’d put them in a little post for you! All the titles in bold are what the titles of the posts would have been, had I ever posted them. All the words in (italics and parentheses) are the comments I made after I copy and pasted the posts from their drafts. It’s something a little different, but let me know if you like it!

Things I Learned From College Tours

  1. Keds do not make good walking shoes
  2. Neither do flip flops
  3. Tortilla chips do not make a good lunch
  4. Drinking coffee right before a tour is a really bad idea (I really don’t want to talk about it)

April Favorites

  1. Spotify’s Pop Ballads Playlist (this playlist was my JAM for the longest time (side note: I still love it))
  2. Simple Micellar Water (the best discovery ever for all us Americans who don’t have micellar water before in the US, UNTIL NOW)
  3. We the Wild (honestly don’t even remember what their music sounds like, but I’ll give it a go again and let you guys know)
  4. James Arthur (LOVE THIS GUYS MUSIC! Thank you to the friend who told me to go listen to him. You know who you are.)

Things I’ve Been Loving | Podcasts

So I haven’t tried out a whole lot of new beauty products this month and unfortunately I haven’t found anything new and amazing that I think you NEED to try. However, I do have a little non-beauty related favorite that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now. (Oh gosh I think I’m building this up way more than I need to.)

Anyways, this month I’ve been loving PODCASTS! More specifically, Tyler Oakley’s Psychobabble and (I never finished this post apparently, but I was going to say that I had also been enjoying Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. I no longer have time to listen to podcasts that often, so I’m very behind on all the ones I used to listen to, but I remember liking them a lot! I still listen to the This American Life podcast occasionally. Ira Glass is so good and the stories I hear on that podcast are unreal. Definitely worth a listen.)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as it was something a little different and let me know in the comments what posts you’ve never published (for whatever reason). LOTS OF LOVE, Gwen ❤


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