Summer Bucket List

Version 3

Although we’re about halfway through the summer, I thought I’d post a little summer bucket list as there are still so many things I want to do! I’ve actually completed one of the items on this list already, but I wrote this bucket list a while ago, so I thought I’d include it anyway. I also thought it would be fun to come back at the end of the summer and look back at everything I did and to see if I completed everything I wanted to do! So without further ado, here’s my summer bucket list:

  1. Go camping in my treehouse
  2. Go to a drive in movie theater
  3. Journal
  4. Make a dress out of an old pair of overalls
  5. Put all of the scraps of paper and things I keep into journals/scrapbooks (guys I have 3 boxes full of scraps of paper, it’s really bad)
  6. BAKE
  7. COOK
  8. Start a YouTube channel
  9. Take lots of photographs
  10. Learn how to code
  11. Create a dress modeled on one I already own

What’s on your summer bucket list?


Taylor Swift Concert

Hey all you wonderful people! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week so far! How was your weekend? Mine was absolutely wonderful! I went to a Taylor Swift concert and had an amazing time! The rest of the day was kind of a mess. We went through one disaster after another. But it all turned out okay! Here are a few pictures from the day and the concert and if you want to hear about the rest of my weekend, you can watch the vlog I filmed as well! (You can either click here or watch it down below.) I didn’t put any footage from the actual concert because I didn’t want the video to be taken down for copyright reasons, so you’re just going to have to trust that it was absolutely amazing. Okay? Okay.

The beautiful poached egg my friend made for me on the morning of the concert. Of course, I promptly spilled coffee on it right after I took this picture, but it was still delicious!

The beautiful poached egg my friend made for me on the morning of the concert. Of course, I promptly spilled coffee on it right after I took this picture, but it was still delicious!

IMG_3333 IMG_3336 IMG_3351Tell me about your weekend!

Birdman Review

Version 2

When I saw this movie at my local library the other day, I immediately picked it up and checked it out. This film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards and has won and been nominated for numerous other awards. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! Basically, the movie is about a washed up actor, Riggan, who used to play a superhero back in the day, but is now trying to get his own Broadway show off the ground. Throughout the film, Riggan struggles to stay relevant and come to terms with his importance in the world. I liked this movie. I really did. I don’t think I fully understood it, but I enjoyed it. The cinematography was absolutely amazing and I love how the camera followed the actors down all these twisting hallways. The only way I can explain this movie is that it felt like a piece of art. A lot of movies I watch these days feel like they are created for purely entertainment purposes, but Birdman felt different. It felt like it was worth something. It is definitely one I would recommend watching if you haven’t already seen it.

What good movies have you watched lately?

Watch Me Embarrass Myself In Front of a Camera (aka My First YouTube Video)

Hey guys! I’ve got some very exciting news today. I started a YouTube channel! I’ve been talking about doing this for a while and I finally found the time to do it! And before you think, “Oh, she’s just doing this because everyone else does it.” First of all, let me tell you no, that is not why. Although I do recognize that YouTube (as well the blog world) has an oversaturated market, I decided to start a YouTube channel because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to make videos and edit them. I shouldn’t have to explain myself, but I’m going to because I want people to understand where I’m coming from.

On a side note, filming, editing, and uploading this video was kind of a nerve racking experience for me. The video that I uploaded is actually my second attempt at filming this video because I didn’t like how the first one I filmed came out. Then I almost didn’t upload this video because I didn’t like my appearance and I found I was comparing myself to all the other YouTubers out there. And honestly, I’m torn because I want to make my YouTube videos good and I’m trying to figure out if my appearance is part of that.

Anyways, sorry for the long ramble, but please let me know if you have any of the same thoughts or if you think I’m completely crazy. Like I say in my video, I stress about everything. Okay my darlings, have a beautiful wonderful day! Oh and please watch my video if you have a chance and let me know what you think! Okay thanks! Love you guys! Bye!