Take Back What’s Yours!

I was tagged by the lovely Zoe Mack to do this post! Basically, it’s about positivity and taking back traits that were once yours. Sort of like a New Years Resolution! I thought it was such a nice idea so thank you Zoe for tagging me! You can read her post here.

Confidence: I can be a pretty confident person sometimes, but that’s usually if I’m in a setting that I’m very familiar with. Unfamiliar settings make me very nervous and I tend to deny myself opportunities because I don’t feel confident enough to do certain things or go into certain situations. Once I put myself into those situations I usually end up being fine, but I need to work on feeling confident enough to get myself into those situations. (It’s like activation energy in Chemistry! Anyone? No? Okay…)

Kindness: Being kind is so so important. I’m not unkind person, but sometimes I can be very sarcastic and sometimes the sarcasm goes too far and just becomes kind of mean. I just want to remind myself to be kind to everyone I meet, especially those who aren’t always so kind to me because who knows what they’re going through.

Myself: I tend to put other people’s feelings over my own. Like, a lot. Sometimes too much so that it’s detrimental to myself. Something I want to be able to do is put myself first when I need to.

Basically, I want to be able to live by this quote from the Cinderella movie:

Image Source

Let me know what you guys want to “take back” in the comments section below and if you can relate to anything I talked about! Also please feel free to do this tag yourself and leave a link in the comments section below!


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