Road Trip Day 2: Tea Time!

Hey guys! I meant to write this post a couple of days ago and schedule it to upload on Monday morning, but I felt really ill on Sunday night and just wasn’t feeling up to editing a bunch of photos and writing a post to go along with it. Sorry about that!

We started off day 2 of our travels by going to St. James Tea Room which is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tea was so lovely! Everything was so delicious and I loved the Casablanca Romance theme they had and how each food fit that theme. Also, each little nook where you could have tea had it’s own name, which I just think is so cute! (We were located in 48 Doughty Street.) If you’re gluten free, they’re very accommodating and they’ll bring you out your own plate with all the same things as everyone else, but gluten free of course. If you’re in the area, you should definitely take a trip to this place!

After going to tea, we went back to the house and just chilled for a bit. Then my mom and I went out for a hike where we found some absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains and the city! New Mexico is an absolutely beautiful place. Sorry for all the pictures of the mountain ranges, but I just think all the views are so pretty. I’m having such a lovely time here!

Note: All photos were either taken with the iPhone 6 or the Canon Rebel T3. If you have any questions about specific pictures, just ask!

IMG_2802 - Version 3 IMG_2805 - Version 2 IMG_2806 - Version 2 IMG_2808 - Version 4 IMG_2810 - Version 2 IMG_2811 - Version 2 IMG_2812 - Version 2 IMG_2824 - Version 2 IMG_2830 - Version 2 IMG_2855 - Version 2 IMG_2859 - Version 2 IMG_2876 - Version 2 IMG_2885 - Version 2 IMG_2893 - Version 3 PicMonkey CollageWhich photo is your favorite?


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