Road Trip Day 1: Travelling to New Mexico

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday! Since we’re currently on February break, my family decided that it would be nice to take a trip to New Mexico to visit my grandparents and then drive back (road trip!). It’s been so nice in New Mexico so far. The views are absolutely beautiful and the weather is so nice! Apologies in advance for the mass amount of mountain range and sunset pictures, they were all just so beautiful!

I got almost zero sleep the night before we left (40 minutes to be exact) as I was up all night packing. I was determined to pack SUPER light (I always pack WAY too much), plus I still had a bunch of laundry to do. The whole day I was completely exhausted. My advice: get a good nights sleep the night before travelling. You’ll be in a better mood and it will make travelling so much better!

Travelling to New Mexico went fairly smoothly. We first flew to Atlanta where we had a SUPER short layover. Thankfully, our gates were in the same terminal so not too much trouble there. Then from Atlanta we flew into the Albuquerque, New Mexico airport. The views flying in were absolutely gorgeous! All the mountain ranges surrounded by clouds! *Sigh* I could spend hours looking at it all.

Eventually we got to my grandparents house and we just chilled for a while, ate some food, etc. The sun started to go down and the views just got more and more gorgeous! Enjoy!

Note: All photos were either taken with the iPhone 6 or the Canon Rebel T3. If you have any questions about specific pictures, just ask!

IMG_1529 - Version 2

The sunrise as we left for New Mexico

IMG_1576 - Version 2

The views from the plane! Apologies for the glare!


IMG_1578 - Version 2 IMG_1597 - Version 2 IMG_1603 - Version 2 IMG_1606 - Version 2 IMG_1611 - Version 2 IMG_2726 - Version 2 IMG_2728 - Version 2 IMG_2738 IMG_2739 IMG_2748 IMG_2756 IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2766 IMG_2770 IMG_2773 IMG_2782 IMG_2783 IMG_2791 IMG_1625 - Version 2Which picture is your favorite?


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