This Tree is on Fire

IMG_2150 - Version 3 IMG_2150 - Version 2 IMG_2150 - Version 4 IMG_2151 - Version 2 IMG_2157 - Version 2 IMG_2235 - Version 2 IMG_2227 - Version 2 IMG_2232 - Version 2Frost IMG_2251 - Version 2IMG_2256 - Version 2IMG_2260 - Version 2IMG_2267 - Version 2 IMG_2272 - Version 2 IMG_2276 - Version 2 IMG_2276 - Version 6 IMG_2300 - Version 2On New Years Day, my family and I went on a hike together. Despite the freezing temperatures, we had fun, as it was nice to spend some time together. The frost we saw on the ground of the forest was so cool looking. According to my Dad it’s called hoar frost, which I believe is correct. The sunset was absolutely amazing as well. As you can see from above, it looked like the trees were on fire. Days like this remind me how much I love hiking. It’s a bit too cold to go in the winter time (I basically had to run to keep myself warm), but I’m definitely adding hiking to my summer bucket list.

How did you spend New Years Day?


11 thoughts on “This Tree is on Fire

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