Comfy Cozy

ComfyCozyIMG_1807 - Version 2 IMG_1814 - Version 2American Eagle Flannel // Victoria’s Secret Leggings (similar) // Grey Old Navy Boots (similar)

I am in love with this flannel that I bought during Black Friday. It’s so warm and comfy while still looking really cute. The other day Rachel from Willow Tea posted an outfit on her blog and in that post she talked about how we’re not perfect, we’re still growing and evolving, and how each outfit is a mark of the evolution of our style. I totally agree. This outfit isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s probably one of my lazier outfits and I’d much rather be wearing Bean Boots. What’s important though is you feel cute, because that’s what makes your style, your style. (Also, thank you to my sister for taking these pictures!)

What do you think of this outfit?


4 thoughts on “Comfy Cozy

  1. I love it! I found a flannel at forever 21 that I was dying to buy, but decided against it considering it’s almost Christmas! I also need to get myself a good pair of leggings. Thanks for reminding me! xx

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