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Often times when I’m watching YouTube videos, I’ll scroll down because I want to see how other people reacted to the video. The internet should be a community right? One where we build on each others ideas, give each other constructive criticism, and support those who we believe in. However, we don’t have the right to publically tear down the people we don’t like. Unfortunately, whenever I scroll down to look at the comments, there’s hate, and let me just say: there’s absolutely no reason for it to be. Why would you take time out of your day to watch/look at/read something and write a comment that you know will only hurt the creator’s feelings? Also, know that you’re not only hurting their feelings, but you’re bringing negativity into other peoples’ lives as well. Many a time I’ve read nasty YouTube comments on other peoples’ videos and just felt like crap afterward.

Now, there is a difference between “hate” and “constructive criticism.” Constructive criticism is when you offer advice to someone about how they could make their content better. Constructive criticism can sometimes come off as a little rude, but that’s not usually the way people mean to make them sound. However, I sometimes see these people being hated on as well, which brings me to my next point.

DON’T HATE ON THE HATERS. First of all, they are still people, they still have feelings. Second of all, by engaging, you are giving them attention/promotion that they don’t deserve!If you see a nasty comment on a video, don’t reply to it. Don’t respond. Don’t engage. Instead…

SPREAD THE LOVE! Write a nice comment on the video. Respond to what they talked about. Drown those nasty comments in a sea of positivity, kindness, and love. For example:

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Check out Zoe’s post and Gabby’s vlog on the subject as well.

What do you think?


November Birchbox

Oh my goodness it has been so long since I’ve blogged. Over a month guys. OVER A MONTH. (Sorry for screaming.) Life has been crazy lately. It’s just gone BA-BAM in my face, but I finally have a spare moment! So without further ado, let’s look at what I received in my Birchbox this month.IMG_1502 - Version 2So Birchbox has lately been into the whole “sample choice” thing, which I think is pretty cool. I love the element of surprise, but occasionally getting to pick what actually goes in your box is pretty cool. If you don’t have a Birchbox, basically with a sample choice you can out of 4-5 products which ONE of those you want in your box and have the rest of your samples be surprises. OR you can choose to get the box that Birchbox put together that month, which is what I did this month. These things all are in limited supply though, so you have to get to it before everyone else does. Of course you can just choose to have all surprises if none of the products offered really interest you.IMG_1516 - Version 2amika // Perk Up Dry Shampoo (Full Size $9 | Sample Size $6.75): The packaging is so pretty and girl, you know you can never have enough dry shampoo. Plus, the small size of this one makes it perfect to stuff in a purse or a gym bag.

Dr Jart+ // Pore Minimalist Mask ($7.00): I’ve never used a sheet mask before so I’m super excited to try this.

Dr. Lipp // Original Nipple Balm (Full Size $14 | Sample Size $2.90): I’m all for a multi-use product, especially one that will battle my dry skin. A bigger sample would have been nicer, but there’s a lot of other great stuff in this box so that’s okay.

Greenleaf // Signature Candle in Silver Spruce (Full Size $17 | Sample Size $3.58): I LOVE candles. They smell soooo good, but I never buy them because they’re kind of expensive and I never know how much I’m going to get out of them. I haven’t actually burned this one yet, but I’m very excited to because it smelled amazing just taking it out of the box.

Mirenesse // iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara (Full Size $29 | Sample $11.60): I always love getting a new mascara. I’m still looking for the perfect one, but if this one actually lives up to what it claims to do, I may find my match.

Obviously I’m very excited about what I received in my Birchbox this month. All these products seem amazing and are all ones that I will most definitely use. The total value of this box is $31.83 which is pretty amazing considering I pay only $10 for all these products plus shipping. I actually don’t think I’ve ever received a Birchbox valued so highly.

What products did you receive in your subscription box this month?