September Favorites

IMG_1332 - Version 2

Crunch Girl Scout Bars – I’ve actually only ever had the Thin Mint one (the one pictured is the Samoa one), but it is so freaking good. If you haven’t tried one yet, you should.

Coffaro’s Baking Company Gluten Free Biscotti – My mom is gluten free so she bought these, but then they just sat in our pantry forever and no one ever ate them. However, my sister routinely goes and raids our pantry and when she found these the other day, I was immediately addicted. The two flavors we had were Lemon Vanilla and Cranberry Almond. They were both so good!

Pixi Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry – I received this lip balm in my September Birchbox and I have been loving it! It’s a lip balm, but it has a lovely color that makes my face look brighter and happier. It doesn’t feel like I’m putting any effort in at all, but it looks like I did.

This Dress (except in maroon) – I bought this dress at Old Navy about a month ago and I think it’s such a pretty dress to wear in the fall time. I’m loving that maroon color. It doesn’t have sleeves, but that’s what layering is for. I think it’s a dress that is pretty interchangeable between the seasons as well because of its subtle floral print.

Garnier Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner – After trying a bunch of shampoos and conditioner I haven’t liked recently, I’ve finally found my match. (See my reviews of those products here and here.) I feel like my hair is actually being moisturized when I use this shampoo and conditioner which is something I haven’t found with the last few shampoo and conditioners I’ve used.

What were your favorites this month?


2 thoughts on “September Favorites

  1. I have already planned a Pixi trip to Target so I’ll have to add the balm to my list! I have been having super bad hair problems lately and I just tried this L’oreal hair balm stuff and it totally helped my split ends! Still in search for a good shampoo though…! scrumptious post!

    • You have to pick up one of the Pixi lip balms! I love the pop of color they give. Huh…L’Oreal Hair Balm. I’ll have to check it out! The ends of my hair are pretty damaged because the hair stylist didn’t cut off enough last time I went to get a hair cut…Haha love the word scrumptious! 🙂

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