What Whipped Cream Taught Me

So on Tuesday, I was making my younger sister pancakes for her first day of school (my first day was on Wednesday) and I found some heavy cream in the fridge.

“Great!” I thought. “I can make whipped cream for the pancakes!”

So I followed the directions on a recipe I found online. Unfortunately, I was told we didn’t currently have access to an electric whisk (a lot of our stuff is still in boxes since we just moved).

“Whatever.” I thought. “Everything is already in the bowl. I might as well try to make this whipped cream by hand.”

So I whipped and whipped and whipped, but to no avail. All I got was some frothy heavy cream.

“Why isn’t this whipping?” I cried.

My grandmother walked over to me. “Do you have an electric beater?”


“Well, I know that they show that you can do it on cooking shows, but I don’t think you’ll be able to.”

She stated it as a fact, but I took it as a challenge. I whipped the heavy cream even harder. I kept whipping until my arm hurt and then I kept whipping even more! Finally, the heavy cream started to transform itself, and soon enough, I had whipped cream!

I know it’s kind of a silly little story, but it has a good lesson. Don’t ever give up. If you want something enough, you’ll make it happen.

Kisses, Gwen


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