Forever 21/Victoria’s Secret/Lush Haul

So I spent a little bit too much money in Forever 21 the other day, but I got some great stuff. Enjoy!

IMG_0585 This was one of my favorite purchases from Forever 21. These shorts are just so cute and so comfy. They’re actually sitting in my dirty clothes pile at the moment and I need to wash them so I can wear them again!IMG_0592 This skirt is so cute, but unfortunately very see through, so I’ll need to buy a pair of white spandex before I can wear these. In fact, I was just looking on the Forever 21 website and they have a ton of different spandex shorts which would be perfect. You can find them here.IMG_0601 IMG_0597 This kimono thing is sooooo comfy and by putting it on, it automatically makes your outfit look ultra-chic. So it’s a win-win.

IMG_0603This skirt isn’t quite as pink as it looks in the picture (it’s more of a dusty pink), but it’s just as cute. Even my sister complimented me when I came down wearing it this morning.
IMG_0608 I love these shorts (I’ve wanted a pair of lace shorts for forever), but unfortunately, I did not realize how short they really were until I actually wore them. I have to pull them down every few seconds.IMG_0616 Although this shirt seems a little boxy in the picture, it fits me beautifully and I love, love, love it!IMG_0618_2 This skirt is freaking awesome. If you couldn’t tell, it’s a high-low skirt and that feature gives any outfit a little extra oomph.IMG_0638_2Another pair of shorts that I absolutely loved, but later realized are way too short. I really don’t want to be showing my butt to the whole world thanks…
IMG_0644Another pair of shorts! Guess what? Too short again! Yeah I didn’t have great luck with shorts that day, though apparently I thought I did. I’ll probably end up wearing these babies under some of my shorter skirts. Either that or wear them with tights. Ooooooh.IMG_0652I love this dress! It’s pretty see through, so I’ll have to make sure I’m wearing the right underwear and bra, but I have those things. Now I just need an occasion to wear it for!IMG_0634Now I really didn’t need new underwear, but Victoria’s Secret was having a sale (7 pairs of underwear for $26.50) and with prices usually being around $8-10 per pair, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.
IMG_0659 We all know and love Lush. So of course I had to have a quick pop in there and take a look around. As soon as I came in, I was approached and told about all the new products Lush had. One of the items was this ginger bath bomb called Granny Takes A Dip. I’m a big fan of ginger so of course I had to try it. Look for a review coming soon! 😉IMG_0665This is one of–if not the–best purchases I made that day. It was featured in my July Favorites posts. It smells absolutely heavenly and if you are a big fan of jasmine scented things, then you need this in your life.

What have you bought recently?


4 thoughts on “Forever 21/Victoria’s Secret/Lush Haul

  1. You look so pretty in that photo! Love the way you combined the 2 prints. Great haul! Love the lace and polka dot shorts (:

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