Along for the Ride Review

I liked this book. It wasn’t one of the best books I ever read, but I liked it well enough to keep reading it. The best thing about this book was the fact that it wasn’t all about the romance. It was about how the main character, Auden, changed over time. The romance was just a part of that story of change. I also loved the way Sarah Dessen used riding a bike as an overall metaphor for the book. I like how it’s evident in her title as well. Basically, there becomes this running theme in the novel that if you fall your bike, you just have to brush off the dirt, and get right back on again. Sarah Dessen is a good writer, there’s no denying that.

It seems I liked this book more than I thought I did. Funny how that happens when you write a review. Overall, I think it’s a good summer read.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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