I can’t find the baking powder… (My Day #1)

So I thought I would share some more journal/diary type posts with you guys because I like writing in that style and I thought it would give more of a chance to see what happens in my day! Enjoy!

Last night I could not get sleep. I don’t know why, but I was kind of stressed out. I don’t know what about because it’s summer. I guess I have too many thoughts floating around in my head.

This morning was kind of slow, but productive at the same time. I got up, read some people’s posts on Bloglovin, and published a blog post. Then I took my dogs for a walk quickly before I headed into town. I live kind of outside the “downtown” part of my small town and so I half walked, half biked into town. I have quite a few injuries and grease marks on my legs from trying to get on and off my dad’s bike. My legs just aren’t long enough, even after adjusting the seat. On the upside, I got a good workout in! While I was in town, I had to get some money from the bank as well as a couple of things to make this recipe. Then I biked back to my house. On the way back I attempted to bike up a really steep hill and although I made it up, I think I almost died… (Little bit of an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like.)

When I got back to my house, I took my dogs out again. Then I started to get everything out to make my recipe. I should have done so before leaving this morning though, because it turned out that I had no baking powder. I searched frantically around my house, but alas, baking powder was no where to be seen. I then searched on the internet. Substitutions involved baking soda. Turns out I didn’t have that either. *SIGH* (Note: About a week later, when looking for the salt, I found that we actually did have both. Whoops.)

Since I didn’t have everything to make my muffin things, I decided to be productive and clean our porch. While we were away, the porch had built up a lot of pollen. So I got out the broom and swept. This did nothing however. It just kicked the pollen up into the air. So I got out a mop. I filled up a bucket about a fourth of the way with hot water and mopped the porch. After many trips back to the sink to dump out the blackened water and fill the bucket up again, the porch was pretty clean, but just to make sure, I went over the whole thing with a Swiffer mop. This all took me about two hours.

After cleaning the porch, I took a shower. My friends then picked me up and we went to see a kids show. All the kids were so cute and afterwards we went to a pizza place to have dinner. I got a slice of Greek pizza and an Orangina, which was a childhood drink for me. It would always be a special occasion drink for my sister and me.

wpid-wp-1404489448366.jpegAfter dinner, I went to see another show, which my friends were in. I’ll be joining them in a different show later this month. It was a great day though and the next morning I was able to make my muffins before going shopping with one of my friends.

What have you guys been up to lately?


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