TJ Maxx and Target Haul

The other day I took a trip to TJ Maxx and Target, two of my favorite stores! I usually find more stuff in Target, but this time I spent most of my money in TJ Maxx, which is good, because TJ Maxx is a tad bit cheaper. 😉 Let’s look at what I got! IMG_9915_2 IMG_9947 Naughty me got sucked in by the beauty section of TJ Maxx. I bought the Jheri Redding Extra Argan Oil Hydrating Mask ($7.99), the Jean Pierre Cosmetics Peel-Off Gel Mask ($4.99), and the Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask ($5.99). I have a reason for buying everything though (or that’s what I like to tell myself). I bought the hair mask because my hair has been in serious need of some therapy lately. I bought the detox mask because of the breakouts I’ve been having on my face. I bought the peel off mask because…I like peel-off masks (not a great excuse for that last one haha). I tried the hair mask and the detox mask last night and my first impressions are good, but I’ll hold off on writing a full review until I’ve tried them a little longer. IMG_9939 I really needed a new pair of earbuds so I just picked up these ones at TJ Maxx. ($5.99) I haven’t tried them out yet, but fingers crossed, they’ll be okay. Now I’m super sorry about these next photos. I’m still trying to find a good place to shoot in my new house and the backgrounds to a lot of these photos are really orange. So I apologize.IMG_9958I love the pattern of this dress and the way it comes right up and closes off at the neck. It’s not the easiest thing to get my head through (I have a really big head), but I decided to buy it anyway. (One Clothing $14.99) IMG_9977 I’ve been looking for a crop top for a while to pair with this skirt from Forever 21. I didn’t want something too fancy because I wanted to pair it with other items in my closet as well and I thought this crop top from Target was perfect. Now, to me, it looks a bit ugly in the picture above, but I like the way it hangs on my body and maybe I can do a photoshoot so I can show you guys what it really looks like. (Mossimo Supply Company $12.99)IMG_9982 I LOVE THESE SHORTS. THEY’RE SOFT SHORTS GUYS. Soft shorts and scalloped edges are trending right now so if you need some ideas on what soft shorts to get check out this blogpost about summer trends on Zoe Bold (love that girl’s blog). Anyways, I bought these at TJ Maxx because I love the feel of them, the scalloped edges, and that beautiful blue color. (Mine $12)IMG_9997I absolutely love this romper. I’ve already worn it twice already and it makes me want to buy more rompers. The color, the little flowers, just everything about this romper is amazing. (Mini Chica $14.99) wpid-wp-1404415176451.jpegI ended off the shopping trip with a little Starbucks Chai Tea Latte. YUM!

What have you guys bought recently?


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