Midi Skirt Obsession

I was showing my mom this dress I loved on ModCloth the other day and before I knew it, my Pinterest board was full of vintage style dresses and midi skirts. So I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.


Image Source 1 // Image Source 2 // Image Source 3

1 // I love the lace on this skirt.

2 // Floral! Plus those two little pleats and buttons in the front are just so cute! Check out this surprisingly similar one from ModCloth as well.

3 // I love the fullness of this skirt. Plus, it’s navy.

MidiSkirts2.jpgImage Source 4 // Image Source 5

4 // The whole outfit and makeup of this model is gorgeous. I like the length of the skirt and the pleats of it as well.

5 // I’m tempted to buy this skirt because it’s only $20 and it’s free shipping. So, win, win. This skirt is more boho-y than the others, but it’s an interesting length. I’m tempted, so tempted.

Which one of these is your favorite?


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