Green Curry Pot Pie

Hey guys! Today I thought I would write about a dish I made for my mom the other night. It was so delicious and it took very little effort, so I thought I would share it with you. View the full recipe here.IMG_9312 IMG_9318

The first thing I did was cut up a leek.IMG_9319Then I rinsed everything off. Who knew that leeks were so dirty? I also learned while making this recipe that leeks are basically just giant spring onions. You learn something new everyday! 🙂

Then I peeled a potato…IMG_9332

…and cut it up.IMG_9342

I had lots of vegetable scraps after that (as you can see above)…IMG_9352

…so I put them all in a pot, covered them with water, and simmered them over the stove for a while to make a vegetable broth. Then I strained out the vegetables and stored the broth in my fridge for a future recipe!

Now the cooking begins! I put a little bit of olive oil and the leeks in a pan and cooked them until they were soft.IMG_9646

Then I added the potatoes and sautéd those for about 5 minutes. IMG_9650

In went the ground turkey, as well as some water. I was pretty confused with exactly how much water to put in whenever the recipe said water, because the recipe just said 2 tablespoons, but you added water to the recipe about three times. I ended just putting in 2 tablespoons each time and that seemed to work okay. However, I added more when cooking the turkey (maybe about 6 tablespoons?) because the potatoes were just not cooking fast enough for me.

The turkey is all cooked up!IMG_9663_2

Now time to add the star of the show! This little jar gave the pot pie all of its delicious flavor! Check it out here.

In it goes!IMG_9682_2 I actually used a gluten free crust to make this recipe, since my mom doesn’t eat gluten. The pie still turned out great! I used the above crust. The package comes with two pie shells. I used one for bottom crust and flipped the other one out of its container to be the top crust.IMG_9687_2 IMG_9692_2

As you can see, I had a little bit of trouble getting the crust out of its metal pan, so the top of the pie looks a bit patchy…IMG_9697_2

…but spread a little egg and water mixture and everything evens out a bit!
IMG_9704_2 IMG_9706_2

TA-DA! It was so delicious! I made it for dinner last night, but I actually had it for breakfast this morning as well. I might have it for lunch too…

IMG_9699_2I also wanted to show you the apron I was cooking in! I look a bit out of it in this picture (I was so tired last night), but I wanted to show the apron my grandmother brought back from Hawaii. (The green and dark pink think around my neck is supposed to be a lei by the way.) It’s a bit cheesy, but still kinda cute so I thought I’d show you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you make this recipe, let me know how you like it!

What are some of your meal recommendations?



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