Harney & Sons Tea Review

I must say, I am a fan of these teas. Of course, what tea don’t I like? However, these tea bags were packaged especially beautifully and had especially lovely tastes. I received both of these teas in my February Birchbox.


This first tea is called Organic Bangkok. Such an interesting taste! It has coconut in it; something I’ve never tasted before in a tea! Now this is not something I would have every day, but I really enjoyed being able to try this in my Birchbox. If you are an adventurous person who likes trying new trying new things, I would definitely give this a go! Not something you think you might like, but it might turn out really enjoy it! Anyways, a thumbs up from me! IMG_5444_2_2Sorry the light is so orangey in this picture! I took this at midnight while I was studying for AP Gov a while ago. Anyways, for the less adventurous of you tea lovers, you might enjoy this tea (Mint Verbena) a little bit more. It’s more of your classic type of mint tea, except for the fact it has lemon in it. I honestly don’t really remember if I tasted lemon or not, all I can remember is that this was a delicious mint tea. This is a lot coming from me as I can be pretty wary of mint teas. They can taste pretty gross if you don’t buy the right ones. However, this one is delicious and you should definitely try it if you have a chance!

I can’t get over this beautiful packaging that Harney & Sons has! It’s so beautiful… Also, looking at the Harney & Sons makes me want to go buy a bunch of tea now. Too bad I don’t have any money… Boooo 😦

Check out the Harney & Sons website and let me what teas look best to you while I try to scrounge up some money to buy them! 😉



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