Be Positve

Bee Positive

Positivity has always been a hard thing for me to come by. I often point out all the negative things in my life. This always ends in lots of crying and eating a whole container of Nutella (no shame). There is a way to fix this though! Start by writing down the positive things in your life, the little things that make you happy. Whether it’s as small as getting Starbucks or as big as winning American Idol (I wish), write it down. Then when you’re feeling down about something, just bring out your list and make yourself happy again! Yay! We can all be happy together!

So…while I was writing this I realized that Cliona wrote a very similar post on her blog. So go check that out here. I promise I did not copy you Cliona! I just was very inspired by the spring-ness of today! Also, sorry for the cheesy picture, but I hope it made you smile! 🙂

What are your tips on being positive?


3 thoughts on “Be Positve

  1. I loved this post so much. The world needs more positivity! The picture is so cute. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who writes down things that make me happy! Ha ha! C x

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