London Day 5

This was quite the busy day. We got out of the flat at a reasonable time and headed over to Westminster Abbey. On our way there we passed by Buckingham Palace and I caught a glimpse of the changing of the guard in front of a nearby building. Eventually we got to Westminster Abbey and walked through it. Then we walked past Big Ben and got in line to buy tickets for the London Eye. We waited for SUCH a long time, but eventually we got our tickets and once we had, we headed off to find lunch. We went in a little bit of a circle, but eventually we found a place called Slug and Lettuce. Once we were full of food, we got into the line to actually get into the Eye. The wait was not as bad as I expected. It was only about half an hour. The views from the Eye were amazing. It was worth the amount of waiting around that we had to do. This was probably my favorite day that I spent around London.


Westminster Abbey


Big Ben


A view from the London Eye


Another view from the London Eye

What are your favorite things to see in London?


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