London Day 3

We started our day off in Leicester Square where my grandfather waited in line to buy bargain tickets to see Mamma Mia. While he waited in line, my grandmother and I wandered around and ended up walking through Trafalgar Square. After we had wandered back to my grandfather, we headed over to St. Paul’s Cathedral. That place is absolutely gorgeous. The inside, the outside, the views. Everything was so beautiful and I’m glad I made sure it was on my list of places to go. I must say that my thighs were complaining a little bit during my trek to the top, but it was so so worth it.



My awkward attempt at a selfie (almost) at the top of St. Paul's

After St. Paul’s we stopped to eat before going to the theater. We went to an Indian food restaurant called Sagar whose food was quite good. My grandmother said that they might have served some of the best naan she’s ever had. The naan was pretty good. I also appreciated the fact that they had passion fruit juice there. I love passion fruit juice, but I never see it in the US.


The remains of our meal. There's not much left...

After lunch we wandered around until it was time for the show. Mamma Mia was enjoyable. It wasn’t the best show I’ve ever seen, but I have very high standards. All the actors were quite energetic though and they all had lovely voices. One of my favorite things about going to the show was buying little cups of ice cream during intermission. Yum!


Strawberries and cream ice cream! Yum!

After the show we went back to the flat, had some dinner, and watched mystery shows until we were sleepy.

So far, St. Paul’s has been my favorite thing to have seen in London (although I love all of it). What is your favorite thing about London? Or if you haven’t been, what is the thing you would most like to see?


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