London Day 1

We arrived at Heathrow at around 6 in the morning and promptly made our way to the Tube station. We got off at a stop near to where our flat was, however we weren’t supposed to be at our flat for another hour or so. So we stopped at Starbucks. I got a Salted Caramel Mocha and bought a London mug to bring back home. My Mom and I have decided to start buying mugs from different cities. You have to have a souvenir collection of something right? Anyways, I really like the Starbucks mugs. I just think they have a nice weight and shape to them.

Then we went to our flat. Unfortunately we were not able to settle in just yet as they were still cleaning it up. However, we were able to drop our bags and we were told to come back in a few hours. So we headed off to the park! I got some great pictures of all the beautiful tulips and I even saw a peacock. None of the animals in that park was very much afraid of humans and you could get very close to them.

After we walked around in the park for a bit, we still had some time to kill. So we decided to stop in at little café/bakery and have a little bite to eat. We had some tea and scones which we absolutely delicious! The jam that came with scones were in such cute little containers as well.

After tea we slowly walked back to our flat. Thankfully we were able to come in and I had a five hour nap. Then we ate a light dinner of bread with butter, cheese, and salad. After that we all just had some down time before we went to bed.

What I wore:

Cardigan – Target // Tank Top – American Eagle // Jeans – Delia’s // Boots – Old Navy // Socks – ??? // Earrings – ??? (Gift)

I love that cardigan. It is so so comfortable while still being so so adorable. The tank top is super cute with its lace backing. I love my Delia’s jeans. They are super stretchy and therefore super comfy. Those boots are perfect for walking around are still really adorable. I have the fuzzy socks because my feet get super cold on planes. I wore those earrings because they won’t get caught in anything and because I’m not really that worried about losing them, but they’re still quite nice. I was kind of going for the comfortable, while still being cute look.

Lip balm – EOS

I didn’t want to be wearing a bunch of makeup when I was at the airport and such so I just stuck to some lip balm and a no makeup face.

What should I be doing while in London?


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