Week in Review

This has been a looooong week. It seems forever since it was Monday, or at least a month. So much has been going on this week. I had so much homework and so many big tests… I feel so tired now. I also really feel like I’ve had no one to turn to this week. My parents are so great, but they are super busy and I’m super busy and it’s just hard to try to find time for each other. Also, my best friend is currently in Ireland and although we have lived apart before and our timezone difference isn’t that big, it’s hard to try to find time in your day between schoolwork and just life in general. So this week has been busy, lonely, and just stressful. Unfortunately I’m expecting the same from the next. :/ Hope everyone else’s week was good though!

In the Sky

I think the sky has been really pretty the past few days so I took the opportunity and snapped a couple of pictures with my phone. The pictures do have Instagram filters on them if you were wondering.

1795762_10200858096534318_54120873_n 10003544_10200858096814325_791353248_n

My Saviors

My hands have been so dry this week! There are cuts all over my knuckles. 😦 However, these two products have been my saviors!


Neutrogena Hand Cream // Camille Beckman Body Butter (mini review)


So I may have gone from about 160 unread blogposts to about 80 yesterday. So if I’m liking your posts from March 4th, it’s not because I’m a creepy stalker, it’s just because I am catching up on my Bloglovin feed.

Follow on Bloglovin (AKA shameless self-promotion)

On Pinterest

So I was on Pinterest yesterday and guess what I saw!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.01.47 PM

I GOT 43 REPINS THAT’S LIKE THE MOST I’VE EVER GOTTEN! *composes self* Yeah, I mean I guess it was pretty cool. If you were wondering what was so popular it was this recipe for Snickers Brownies which I actually have yet to try.

How has your week been?


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