Shopping Haul!

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! This is post has taken me forever to get up and some of this stuff was bought at different times. Anyways the first thing I’m going to start with is the clothing:

Shopping Haul Clothing

The black skater skirt ($9.80) is from Forever 21 and it is actually sold out right now, but you can check it out here. (The picture is of a blue skirt, but a black one was available). I think this skirt is so cute and perfect for a night out with the girls. (Plus, it was really cheap!) The second dress ($24.99) I actually talked about in yesterday’s post which you can read here. This dress looks so cute with a white belt around the waist and is perfect for spring.

Shopping Haul Sweater

I almost forgot to put in this sweater from Forever 21 ($18.99)! Most sweaters really don’t look good on me, but there’s a certain type of sweater that just works better than others and it’s this type. Also, this sweater is a mint green color, which seems to be my color this spring.

Now on to jewelry:

Lush Earrings

I thought these earrings ($12) from Francesca’s were just absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately I do not see them online anymore.

The rest of the stuff was beauty products, but I’m going to do it in two parts. Lush stuff, and then everything else.

Lush Soap

This is the Ice Blue Soap from Lush ($29/lb). I’ve used this a couple of times, and I must say, I was expecting a lot more. The description says it cools the skin so I was kind of expecting a Burts Bees lip balm effect. Not so. I don’t really feel like it moisturizes either. However, I have only used it a couple of times, and I think I really should use it more before I tell you guys what I think. It smells pretty good though.

Lush Sex Bomb

This is the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb ($6.65) from Lush. I am SO excited to use this bath bomb. The first time I ever went into Lush, the ladies in there were like, “Oh my goodness you have to see this,” and they showed me how the flower came out and it was so cool. Unfortunately it was the end of my shopping day that day and I had no money left in wallet so I did not buy it. I was so excited to finally be able to buy almost two years later! I love Lush’s bath bombs and actually, as I was taking pictures of this bath bomb, the scent was just wafting up to my nose, making me want to take a bath!

Lush Oatifix and Daddy-O

This is the Oatifix Face Mask ($6.95) and Daddy-O Shampoo ($9.95/3.3 fl oz) from Lush. I bought the Oatifix face mask because I never have tried one of their face masks before and this one is for sensitive skin and is supposed to be very hydrating. I actually bought the Daddy-O shampoo for my sister because she wanted me to bring her back something from my shopping trip so this is what I bought her. This shampoo smells absolutely amazing! Every time my sister walks by after recently getting out of the shower, I’m like, “OH MY GOODNESS YOU SMELL SO GOOD!”

Beauty Products Haul

These are the rest of the beauty products I bought. “The blogger made me” buy all these products. If you can’t tell from the picture, I bought Batise Dry Shampoo ($8.49), Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle ($8.50), and Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple ($8.50). You can read my review of Mint Candy Apple here. Funny story actually about when I bought Mademoiselle. I picked it up from the shelf and then as I was walking around the drugstore, I realized I didn’t like something about the bottle so I put it back and grabbed another one. However, when I got home, I realized I had picked up Ballet Slippers. Whoops! Luckily the drugstore people were really nice about it, but the guy who helped me was basically laughing at me because the colors look so similar.

Well, I hope you like this post! I know it was really long. I bought a lot of stuff…whoops.

What are some of the things you have bought recently?


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