February Birchbox

Yes, yes I know it’s March, but my February Birchbox arrived less than a week ago so I wanted to share with you! This was my first Birchbox so I was VERY excited to receive it in the mail.




I didn’t put numbers on the above items to help you see what things are a little bit better (sorry about that!), but I’ll do my best to try and describe each item. Oh and I’ll put the full size price and what the sample size is worth.

  1. 100% Fruit Pigmented Mascara (Full Size $18 | Sample $7.50) – This is the little white tube in the top right corner. I’ve only used this product once so far, but I’m really not all that impressed. I do like that it’s all natural and will therefore not irritate your skin, but I’ve never had that problem with mascara (yet) and I have very sensitive skin. It does smell like fruit which is very interesting. Overall it seems too expensive to buy the full size.
  2. Camille Beckman Body Butter – Morelia Monarch Scent (Full Size $15 | Sample Size $0.75) – This is the little container with a butterfly on it in the bottom right corner. First of all I would like to say that I have terribly dry hands. If I don’t moisturize them every day, they will crack and bleed. My hands are also very sensitive to different lotions and I will have an allergic reaction to many of them. So when this body butter arrived in my Birchbox, I was skeptical. However, I have found that I absolutely love it! It absorbs right into my skin without feeling greasy and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Plus, it smells amazing! You really can’t smell it on your skin unless you put your face up to where you put it on your skin, but I still appreciate that it smells nice. I’m really bad at describing scents, but it smells sort of vanilla-y. This product was actually in my February Favorites which you can read here. I will definitely be buying this product in full size.
  3. Serge Normant Dry Conditioner (Full Size $25 | Sample Size $9.38) – This is the black bottle at the bottom. I haven’t really tried this, but I am somewhat intrigued by it. I’ve used dry shampoo, but dry conditioner? Interesting… Wouldn’t buy a full size because it seems a little too expensive for my taste. I’m glad I get to try it though!

The red satchel also had a couple of goodies in it!


Harney & Sons Fine Teas Wrapped Satchels (Full Size $9.60 | Two Tea Satchels $0.96) – I know a lot of people were upset about getting tea in their Birchboxes, but I was quite excited because I love tea. I have yet to try these, but I’ll be sure to let you know how they are!


Juicy Couture Couture La La Malibu (Full Size $72 | Sample Size $1.44) – The scent of this perfume is quite lovely. It is a very light, slightly floral scent. Again I’m terrible at describing scents. IT JUST SMELLS GOOD OKAY. I would not buy this again because it is quite expensive and I’ll stick with my cheap perfumes thank you, but I did enjoy getting this in my Birchbox.

That was a pretty long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading it. I should have been studying, but I wrote this post. Procrastination at its best. Oh, one last thing. All the stuff in this box was worth $20.03 and I got the box for $10.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?


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