March Empties

This is my first Empties post! I was so proud of myself for actually finishing some products and excited because I got to try some new ones. Enjoy!

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Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm – This is my favorite lip balm of all time. No other lip balm compares. I don’t even like the other Burt’s Bees Lip Balms. For example  there is the one with pomegranate oil: dries out my lips. Burt’s Bees is so cheap too! It’s a win win situation here. I will definitely be repurchasing.

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Dove Visible Care Body Wash – I was not impressed with this product. Dove always brags that their products are super moisturizing and don’t leave that clean feeling like other body washes do. I think Dove is mostly talking about their Deep Moisture Body Wash, but still. This product did not seem moisturizing to me. It left that clean feeling that Dove said it didn’t leave. Also, I was not happy with the packaging. There was still a bunch of body wash left, but I couldn’t get to it because it was stuck in the corners! (I’ve heard other people have had problems with Dove packaging too.) I will not be repurchasing this product. However, I would like to purchase Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash to see whether or not Dove commercials are a total lie.

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Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo & Conditioner – I like this shampoo and conditioner. It moisturizes my hair well enough and keeps it nice and curly. I am guessing that there are shampoos and conditioners out there that could make my curls even more defined, but I just have not tried that many of them. I like this well enough though and I probably repurchase in the future. However, right now I’m shopping around to see if I can find the perfect shampoo and conditioner.

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COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face – I got this in my March Birchbox. What was I supposed to do with this…? I know it’s a sunscreen, but there hasn’t been much sun around lately so I’m not really sure if it works… However, it also says on the packaging that it is a Natural BB Cream. So am I supposed to use it as that? That’s what I’ve been using it for, but is that what I’m supposed to doing? I’m just confused with this product. In terms of the way the product works: it is matte. Or at least it feels matte when it goes on my face. My skin is not very oily as it is so I couldn’t really tell you. In terms of tint I would say…maybe? When I wear it I feel like my face looks a little better, but I don’t think there is really any difference. Overall, I probably won’t purchase a full size of this product just because it is too expensive for my taste.

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Secret Natural Mineral Eucalyptus Blossom Deodorant – I have very sensitive skin. This includes my armpits. I can’t use most deodorants for long periods of time because they give me an itchy rash and that’s just not fun. However, I discovered this deodorant last year and I love it! So if you have sensitive armpits like me, try this deodorant! Will definitely be repurchasing this deodorant because it’s the only one I use!

What are your March Empties? Do you use any of these products?


Astrid & Miyu March Secret Box

About two weeks ago, I won a giveaway over at Inthefrow (you can read the giveaway post here). I was super excited of course because I never win anything. Anyways I just wanted to share with you what I received…so, enjoy!

IMG_6308_2 IMG_6345_2 IMG_6349_2 IMG_6343_2 IMG_6360_2 IMG_6363_2 IMG_6337_2

The pictures really do not do these necklaces justice. (I really need to work on my photography skills.) These necklaces are all really pretty and I appreciated the little extras that came with them. Thank you so much to Inthefrow for sending me this! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Which necklace is your favorite? (Personally, I’m really attracted to the daisy, but they’re all so pretty!)

Spring Cleaning: Nail Polish Part 1


I grabbed this idea from Jennie’s blog, sailboat., where she did a whole series of cleaning out her beauty collection. Knowing that I had a lot of nail polish that needed to be thrown away, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for a post. I’ll be doing this in a three part series as I don’t think you want to read about 23 bottles of nail polish in one post. I also thought it would be fitting to do this post on Mondays as Monday is #ManicureMonday. Enjoy!



The main thing I was looking at when throwing away these nail polishes was whether they still spread well or not. I wasn’t looking to throw away any colors I didn’t like. I started off with the purples and the blues.


1. Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Oyster – This is quite a thin nail polish, but is a very pretty color and still spreads well on to the nail. Keep.

2. Nicole By OPI Nail Polish in Count On Me – I forgot that I had this actually! This still spreads well so…keep.


3. LD2000 Nail Polish – This one was so dried up that I couldn’t even get a sample of it on the paper. Throw away.

4. Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Polish – I really like this color. As you have probably noticed, I’m a big fan of purples. Still spreads nicely. Keep.


5. Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Blue It – Beautiful color and the nail polish still spreads well. Keep.

6. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Savage – This color reminds me of the Bahamas for some reason. Spreads well. Keep.


7. Snowman Nail Polish – This was bought recently and was a present to me. Still spreads well. Keep.

8. Perfect Chic Nail Polish – It can be seen from the picture that this nail polish is pretty gloopy. This doesn’t spread well. Throw away.


These are all the colors I kept. I meant to take a picture of the ones I threw away, but there were only two of them so I guess it’s for the better…

Which of these nail polish colors is your favorite?


So today it snowed. Excuse me, but I thought it was spring. I really would like to see the sun. On the upside though, it meant no school for us! Even though they told us at 5am this morning grrr…

Anyways, I just wanted to show you a few things you can do to be warm and cozy on a snowy day like today although probably many of you don’t have snow. Enjoy!

IMG_5966 IMG_5980

Step 1: Enjoy some hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is always good for making you feel cozy. Plus, it’s delicious!


Step 2: Read through your Bloglovin feed. I love reading what other bloggers write about and a snow day gives me the perfect chance to catch up on all the blogposts I haven’t read yet.


Step 3: Curl up with a blanket and a good book. I haven’t had any time to do any reading lately and a snow day gives me a perfect chance to do just that. The book I am currently reading, as you can see, is Vicious by V.E. Schwab. It’s pretty good so far and I’ll be sure to write a review once I’m done reading it. I also have my Pottery Barn blanket with me. This thing is amazing! It is so soft and fuzzy and just wonderful! Technically, it is the whole family’s, but it has been living in my room every since the start of winter…


Step 4: Cuddle with your pillow pet and take a nap. Isn’t this little guy so cute?! And yes, I am definitely too old to have a pillow pet.

Actually, I’m off to do homework now, as I’m using this day as a catch up day for schoolwork. IT NEVER ENDS. Happy St. Patricks Day!

What do you guys like to do on a snow day?

Week in Review

This has been a looooong week. It seems forever since it was Monday, or at least a month. So much has been going on this week. I had so much homework and so many big tests… I feel so tired now. I also really feel like I’ve had no one to turn to this week. My parents are so great, but they are super busy and I’m super busy and it’s just hard to try to find time for each other. Also, my best friend is currently in Ireland and although we have lived apart before and our timezone difference isn’t that big, it’s hard to try to find time in your day between schoolwork and just life in general. So this week has been busy, lonely, and just stressful. Unfortunately I’m expecting the same from the next. :/ Hope everyone else’s week was good though!

In the Sky

I think the sky has been really pretty the past few days so I took the opportunity and snapped a couple of pictures with my phone. The pictures do have Instagram filters on them if you were wondering.

1795762_10200858096534318_54120873_n 10003544_10200858096814325_791353248_n

My Saviors

My hands have been so dry this week! There are cuts all over my knuckles. 😦 However, these two products have been my saviors!


Neutrogena Hand Cream // Camille Beckman Body Butter (mini review)


So I may have gone from about 160 unread blogposts to about 80 yesterday. So if I’m liking your posts from March 4th, it’s not because I’m a creepy stalker, it’s just because I am catching up on my Bloglovin feed.

Follow on Bloglovin (AKA shameless self-promotion)

On Pinterest

So I was on Pinterest yesterday and guess what I saw!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.01.47 PM

I GOT 43 REPINS THAT’S LIKE THE MOST I’VE EVER GOTTEN! *composes self* Yeah, I mean I guess it was pretty cool. If you were wondering what was so popular it was this recipe for Snickers Brownies which I actually have yet to try.

How has your week been?

Homemade Healthy Slushy!

Hey guys, I just wanted to show you a little something my friend showed me how to make the other day. I don’t have exact measurements for you, because I pretty much just added more stuff if I think it needed it. This really would be better for a hot summers day and we aren’t quite there yet weather wise, but I’ve really been enjoying this lately so I thought I would share with you! 🙂

IMG_5921 IMG_5926 IMG_5936 IMG_5929

The only two ingredients in this are frozen berries and ice! I’m actually just realizing now that my friend put lemonade in her’s, but this is much healthier. Like I said before, I don’t have exact measurements, but I’ll try to tell you as best I can what I did. I started by adding a little bit less than a cup of ice and some (maybe 1/2 a cup?) of frozen berries into a blender. Then I just kept adding berries until it was a nice red color. It’s really up to your taste preference though. It’s so easy to make, so yummy, and it has no disgusting chemicals in it! I think you could use fresh berries too and it would still work.

Please let me know if you try it and how it turns out for you! I really love seeing you guys share things with me! It just makes me happy. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Have you tried any recipes lately that you like?

March Birchbox

My March Birhbox just arrived a few days ago. Yay! See my February one here.

IMG_5465_2 IMG_5471_2 IMG_5476_2 IMG_5482_2_2

  1. COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face (Full Size $36 | Sample Size $3.60) – I am very excited to try this as I have never tried any tinted moisturizers or BB Creams before. I also love that this product contains so many organic ingredients.
  2. Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion (Full Size $16 | Sample Size $3) – I’m not such a big fan of the scent of this. It smells too masculine/fresh for me, but that’s probably just because I tend to prefer really girly, feminine smells. This is not quite moisturizing for my hands, but I did really enjoy using it on my legs after I got out of the bath the other day.
  3. Tea Forté minteas (Pack of 3, $9.95 | One Pack $3.32) – I really like these mints. They taste really good (I’m a big fan of both mints and tea). They also claim to freshen your breath, but I have no idea if that’s true. I got the Retreat mints which are supposed to help you relax which is good because I’m pretty much stressed ALL THE TIME.
  4. Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle (Full Size $21.95 | Sample Size $5) – There are so many amazing reviews on this product. Therefore, I am going to expect a lot. First of all though, this products smells amazing: like vanilla cupcakes and overall amazingness. I might buy the full size on smell alone. (Oh and the sample size was guess-timated because the bottle didn’t have what the oz were on it.)

What was in the satchel:


Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom (Full Size $55 | Sample Size $3.30) – Once again the sample size price was a bit of an educated guess. I think this scent is quite lovely, but I haven’t yet sprayed it on my skin. Judging on its name, it should be perfect for spring. I also really like the sample bottle for this perfume. I don’t know why, but I just like it better.


Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Square (Extra Treat!) – This was delicious! My mom and I split this and ate it immediately.

Well I hoped you liked this post and that it makes sense to you as I’m writing this at 3am (*cries internally*). Back to AP Gov I go!

What did you receive in your beauty box this month?