What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Okay so I wear almost no makeup when I leave the house in the morning, but I just want share with you what is in my makeup bag. (Keep in mind that these items are only the ones I use on a regular basis. I actually have a lot more stuff in my makeup bag.)

Image made using Polyvore

Image made using Polyvore

Yes I only wear two makeup products. I believe that if you don’t need to wear makeup, then don’t wear it because although it can make your skin look better for a day, it can ultimately clog up your pores and cause blemishes.

Anyways, after I wash my face and put on moisturizer in the morning, I put mascara on my upper and bottom lashes. Then I put a little bit of powder on the oily parts of my face (usually just my nose).

So that’s what’s in my makeup bag. What’s in your makeup bag?


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