Liebster Award + Meet Me!

Hey guys! So, recently I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Cliona Hill so thank you Cliona! (You all should check her out she’s pretty awesome.) I also realized that I’ve never really introduced who I am, mainly because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up with this blog and whether or not I’d stay interested in it. I’ve been posting regularly though so it looks like I’m going to be here for a while. Yay!
So once again, thank you Cliona for nominating me! I nominate Willow Tea, itsNMC, Chloë and Beauty Plus Books!
– You must link back to the person who nominated you.
– You have state 11 facts about yourself
– You have to answer the questions given to you.
– You have to pick 11 nominees and create a set of 11 questions that they must answer.
– You can’t nominate the person that nominated you.
– You have to tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

11 Random Facts:
  1. I’m an American teenager.
  2. I love to bake. I really don’t do it enough though because life tends to get in the way, but it’s one of my favorite things to do.
  3. I love tea. My favorite tea is Bengal Spice from Celestial Seasonings.
  4. I love math. I know this is just the opposite for a lot of people, but math makes me happy.
  5. I want to have a double major of an engineer and a teacher. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but that’s what I want to do.
  6. My room is always A MESS. Which is weird, because I love to organize things.
  7. I have a loft bed. I think that’s super cool, but maybe it’s just me.
  8. I have an obsession with bags. I love bags. SO much.
  9. I am addicted to Bloglovin. It is so hard to get any work done because all I want to do is click on my Bloglovin feed and look through it. “Oh, I’ll just be five minutes.” One hour later…
  10. I just ordered my first Birchbox today. I am so excited. Also, this really isn’t a random fact about me, but whatever.
  11. I love the movie Frozen. So much. I really love that movie. The soundtrack plays on repeat on my computer.

Cliona’s Questions:

1. What are your favorite magazines to read?
I really don’t read magazines, but I like the Seventeen magazine. I’m so creative.
2. Who is your biggest style inspiration?
I really don’t think about this a lot, but I remember seeing Miranda Kerr in a Lucky magazine and loving her style.

Love that scarf.

Rock those shades girl.

I love that trench coat.

She is so cute!

3. Where is your favorite place to go and why?
I love going to my grandmother’s house because it always smells good and it’s decorated so nicely. It’s just so nice to be able to get away from my own house for a while and just relax.
4. What was the best holiday you’ve been on?
A while ago I went to Bali for a week with my family and it was just amazing. I learned how to surf, I spent time in the sand, and ate good food. It was just an amazing experience.
5. What’s your favorite beauty brand?
I would say Lush. I just love everything they have in their stores and if I had the money I would buy it all. ALL MINE.
6. 5 products that you couldn’t live without?
1. Clump Crusher Covergirl Mascara – My go to mascara.
2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Keeps my oily nose at bay.
3. Ultimate Spa Moisturizing Cream with Dead Sea Minerals – Helps me keep my skin hydrated overnight.
4. Curly Wurly Shampoo from Lush – Helps me hydrate my curls.
5. Batiste Dry Shampoo – Perfect for that rough second day hair.
7. Describe your perfect Friday night?
I honestly would spend my perfect Friday night watching a movie with my boyfriend eating popcorn. However, I don’t have a boyfriend so my perfect Friday night would probably be spent treating myself to a spa night complete with bath bombs, face masks, and manicures.
8. What are your most worn clothing items?
My most worn clothing item is a dress I bought at a thrift store a while ago. Okay so maybe it’s not my most worn item, but it’s my favorite.
Flower Thrift Store DressI also love these boots which I bought at a thrift store recently. I wear them all the time. Read a little more about them in this blogpost.
Cute Boots!9. Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Jennifer Lawrence. She is beautiful, wonderful, and down to earth.

I love this quote.

10. Lip gloss or lipstick?

Lip gloss. I really don’t wear either that much, but when I do, I prefer shine over bright color.
11. Why did you start a blog?
I started this blog because I wanted to share what I love with other people who love it and to be able to connect with them. I also wanted to be able to learn more about beauty in general and to be able to experiment. Being part of the blogging community feels so much better than just being a reader.
I don’t own any of these images except for the one of me in a flowered dress and the one of the grey boots. Please click the image to go to the image source.
My Questions:
  1. Why do you like blogging?
  2. Favorite perfume?
  3. Favorite book?
  4. Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?
  5. Favorite shoes you own?
  6. Favorite type of candy?
  7. Favorite facial cleanser?
  8. Favorite blog?
  9. Do you enjoy makeup or skincare products more?
  10. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  11. Favorite TV show?

Okay, well I hope you liked this post! I like being able to share little parts of my life with you guys!

Have you gotten this award before? Leave a link in the comments!


What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Okay so I wear almost no makeup when I leave the house in the morning, but I just want share with you what is in my makeup bag. (Keep in mind that these items are only the ones I use on a regular basis. I actually have a lot more stuff in my makeup bag.)

Image made using Polyvore

Image made using Polyvore

Yes I only wear two makeup products. I believe that if you don’t need to wear makeup, then don’t wear it because although it can make your skin look better for a day, it can ultimately clog up your pores and cause blemishes.

Anyways, after I wash my face and put on moisturizer in the morning, I put mascara on my upper and bottom lashes. Then I put a little bit of powder on the oily parts of my face (usually just my nose).

So that’s what’s in my makeup bag. What’s in your makeup bag?

3 Reasons to Buy Jeans From Thrift Stores

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I love my Delia’s jeans, but I have learned over the years that ultimately, it is better to buy your jeans from a thrift store and here’s why:

  1. Thrift store jeans are cheaper – This is a big one for me. I am a big cheapo. Any clothing over $25 and I’m reluctant to buy it. One, because I don’t think I need to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, and two, because my style is always changing. One reason I love buying cheap thrift store jeans is because I know if I gain weight grow out of them it’s not that big of a deal. Also, you can sometimes find jeans at thrift stores that are from nicer stores and are usually very expensive.
  2. Thrift store jeans are already worn in – They are already all stretched out and you know–for the most part–that they’ll stay the color you buy them in. Also, since they’re already worn in, they’re more comfortable. My friend also added that they won’t shrink since they’ve already been washed multiple times. However, I’ve never had a problem with my jeans shrink so…
  3. You know what color your jeans are going to be – The two pairs of jeans that I have actually bought new, are definitely different shades then when I first bought them. This can happen with thrift store jeans too, but it tends to happen a lot less.

What do you love about thrift stores?


So currently, I have a friend who is doing a exchange program overseas for a semester. The first few days were really hard for her and she just kept comparing it to the United States, but eventually she realized she just needed to embrace the world around her. So her new motto for everything is EMBRACE and I think that it’s amazing. Now, I am and always have been a foreign service kid, but I never experienced the clarity that she did. In fact, I’m in the second year of yet another new school and I still don’t think I’ve fully EMBRACED everything here. However, I still have half a year left and there’s still time. So, long story short, my new motto is EMBRACE.

Do you have a motto? Please share! 🙂